International Cooking School

Handmade Fresh Pasta

Bologna is synonymous with fresh handmade pasta, la pasta fresca fatto a mano called sfoglia...Tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelle, tagliolini, lasagne, garganelli, pappardelle...As you stroll through the market, you'll be tempted by displays of pasta in the windows, beckoning...With only fine-milled wheat and farm-fresh eggs, pasta is made daily by la sfoglina, the revered pasta chef. Many of le sfogline learned at their nonna's or grandmother's side, and have been making pasta for decades. It's marvelous to watch them transform the dough, rolling it out so thin, that you can actually see through it! Never has any food so simple, just two ingredients, been so memorable.

In the photos, notice the light yellow color of the pasta? It's because the Bolognesi insist their fresh pasta be golden. The key is the egg yolks used to make this pasta, a result of more sunflower seeds and corn in the hen's diet. Dried pasta is whiter in color, using a different type of egg and wheat blend. In each of our courses, you study with our sfoglina learning how to make the dough, rolling it out with the classic pasta wooden rolling-pin, a matterello. Then she'll teach you special fillings, cutting and folding the pasta into traditional shapes. Lasagne Bolognese is only made with spinach pasta, so you'll make it from scratch, lacing it with homemade Ragù Bolognese we make in class. Bolognesi pasta is what dreams are made of ...