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"Spice up the slide show from your next vacation by cooking, tasting and learning while you travel. The following offer combinations of cooking classes, gastronomic tours and food-related excursions - both here and abroad - that will give any food lover some great memories to savor.

The International Cooking School Of Italian Food And Wine

Mary Beth Clark offers a variety of four-to seven-day programs in Bologna, where you can master the essentials of both traditional and lighter Italian cooking during participation classes and culinary excursions. Trips to food markets, an olive oil tasting and other visits are scheduled."
The New York Times
"Taking a Vacation in the Kitchens Of the World's Great Chefs, Europe: Learning From the Masters"

"Ms. Clark teaches the Basics Of Great Italian Cooking. Students stay in luxury hotels and tackle 40 recipes, from biscotti to zabaglione. There are also trips to nearby markets, to a small Parmigiano-Reggiano factory and to an acetaia, or balsamic vinegar aging cellar, as well as tastings of extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar."
Erudita e Gostosa
"Erudita e Gostosa"

"Bologna e tra le citte piu belle d'Italia e d'Europa. Non esiste citta che le assomigli, e che possa sostituirla. La bellezza a Bologna non si pensa, mas si respira, si assorbe, si fa commestibile...Mary Beth Clark, prestigiada chef norte-americana, autora de livros e videos e presenca assidua em varios programas de radio e de televisao, e a pessoa certa para ensinar todos aqueles pequenos-grandes truques que fazem a excelencia da cozinha italiana."

"To truly experience Italy, you have to spend time in Italian kitchens, and The International Cooking School Of Italian Food And Wine offers just the means to do it. During hands-on cooking courses in Bologna, you can learn to be a sfoglina (pasta chef) or maybe a pizzaiolo (pizza chef). From market to table, guests drink in the intricacies of la cucina Italiana, dividing their kitchen time with hours touring the countryside, tasting food and taking in sights."

Baltimore Sun


"There is no better place to learn the art of Italian cooking than Bologna, the country's gastronomic capital and headquarters of The International Cooking School Of Italian Food And Wine. The courses offer an immersion in the food and culinary traditions of Italy, with chef instruction in English, market tours, trips into the countryside and meals at some of the regions' classic restaurants."


"Thank you for presenting such a wonderful program, "From Market to Table, the Tastes of Italy". You organized the evening so well and presented everything beautifully, with great care and attention to detail, with outstanding slides and your delicious taste treats! Thank you for creating a little bit of Italy for the American Craft Museum. You successfullly linked the Italian artigiani of special food production with the glassmakers exhibited in our galleries. Everyone marveled at the tastings and your personal recommendations and had a lovely time."

American Craft Museum

A poem written by N. Pomar of Florida presented at the conclusion of our cooking course in Bologna

"How did she do it? We simply don't know.
She put fourteen foodlovers together and away we did go.

She swept her wings 'round us like a great mother hen,
And never lost her patience when asked the same questions again and again.

She taught us to feel confident with whisk, strainer and knife,
And to do as Italian do - relax and enjoy life.

We all loved the cheese plant — it was quite educating.
Add the balsamic vinegar and we are all salivating.

Yes, our day in the country we will always remember,
And we wish we could be here to hunt truffles in October.

The "Foodloving Fourteen " know how much we've learned,
And we're proud of no fingers chopped and no fingers burned.

It really doesn't matter where we will go,
California, New York, Florida or Ohio.

It's been a fabulous week and we all want to shout it,
To call all our friends and tell others about it.

Now all of the "Foodloving Fourteen" laddies and lassies,
Let's give a toast so please raise your glasses...

To our teacher with confidence, competence and sweetness so rare
— Here's to Mary Beth Clark — teacher extraordinare!"

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